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Toys for a one year old?

Posted September 19, 2015 - 11:30am

My third is turning one next weekend and everyone is asking me what he wants. We have EVERYTHING since he is the third. Anyone know of any new, unique, or out of the box toys I could suggest?

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Mommy Ramblings

Well, if he is your 3rd you probably have most of the basics I would suggest. Ride on toys, trucks, blocks, push lawn mower. Maybe some personalize books that are unique to him being the third. My kids love them, we get many through I See Me! Along those likes they also have other personalized items. I think being the third having something that they can say was clearly for them would be nice. Beyond that it is tough, you would probably need to search Amazon to see what is new and exciting that you don't already have.

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I love the personalized idea! I have used I See Me before, but it has been a while.


I always have a hard time with this as well.  We've started doing "experiences" so maybe tickets to the zoo or a local children's museum?

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Yes, that is a perfect suggestion! I will be using that.


I remember one yr olds as not really being picky. Mine seemed to love everything I got them. I'm sure just something new would be nice. Find out what their friends have.

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Oh right, he would love just about anything! I do need to ask some friends, there are always new toys.


I love baby toys! I'm so weird I know. But if you have a kid's boutique, maybe call and see what the best sellers are right now. Those shop owners know what people like. :)

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That's not weird! I love most of them too! Just not the loud electronic ones.


I really like asking for books. You can never have enough books to read aloud or board books for them to read/chew on!

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So true! We actually got a lot of cute books, and we'll put them to good use.