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How much preschool is the right amount?

Posted August 21, 2015 - 8:06am

With my girls, the decision to put them in preschool was based on their needs. They needed more than I could give them. But I never was sure how many days to put them in for or how long of a day. Ultimately we did it differently for each child, but I'm wondering what others have experienced. How did you decide when to start preschool? Was it mandated by work schedules or did you use another factor to decide?

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My decision about preschool was based mostly on the kids' preferences. I've been lucky to work from home since my youngest was born, so getting back to a job outside the home wasn't an issue. My oldest was so excited about going to preschool and she made great friends there. Two years later, I tried to enroll my youngest in preschool and she cried everyday. After a few weeks, I just accepted that preschool wasn't a good fit for her, so she stayed home with me until Kindergarten. I don't think every kid is preschool material, but I know it's hard to come up with an alternative if you're a parent who has to go out to work. Sometimes, depending on the kid, solutions just have to be worked out along the way. On days when I had appointments or important phone calls, I started using a sitter for a few hours and that helped out alot. 


We used the Head Start program for my son when he turned four. He seemed to need the extra stimulation & being a single parent I needed a break! He loved it.


I have taught Preschool and Pre-K for years and I think it really depends on the child and their level of maturity and stamina. We had some Pre-K children who stay from 830 to 3 pm everyday and love it. I have seen others who can only handle half days or 3 full days a week. I think each family has to assess the needs of the child and balance it with the work needs of the parents and find a happy solution!


I felt so lucky to be in a position to make different decisions for each child. For my older child, who is entering 4th grade, we kept her at her Montessori school for Kinder (you can do that here in TX), but for my younger daughter who will enter Kinder on Monday, we enrolled her in public school. She's so excited and ready for it, it's ridiculous. My older daughter did not feel that way at all. The thing I don't like about my kids getting older and being in public school is I lose that ability to make decisions based on their personality and learning styles. I miss that about the preschool years.


I decided to put my son in preschool when he was around 4 years ols mainly due to the fact that he was quite shy socially and no matter how much pursuaded him to make freinds socially he won't budge, so I thought that it was hig time for him to  become socialluy more active and more communicative even with us so thats y I thought it would be best if he joins a preschool.So I enrolled him in Calling All kids Too as it has some of the best preschool programs,have alook