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Amount of Homework

Posted September 9, 2015 - 4:01pm

How much does your elementary school age child (k-5) have every day?

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We just started. However, the only thing set in concrete so far is the ten minutes of reading time each evening.

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We will soon find out. School just started yesterday. Last year my 2nd grader had about 30 minutes but his teacher was not big on homework. In 3rd grade my daughter had a ton. We shall see what this new teacher he has brings. My first grader has not had any either yet.

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My 3rd grader has had about 1 1/2 hours a night.  Personally I think this is ridiculous.  Some of it is studying for spelling and vocab tests, but it's still something tht has to be done.


As kids, very little. As teens, I'd say 1-2 hr day.


Our first day was today but last year we had nightly reading plus a homework packet for the week which could usually be completed within 30 minutes.  I really liked having the flexibitly of when to do it because we are so busy in the evenings with sports!

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Oh I would love to have that flexibility.  Mine gets new sheets home every night.


I think you should talk to your child's teacher and discuss the amount of time it's taking for homework daily. 1-1/2 hours seems excessive--especially if it's nightly. My son has about 30 minutes each night (4th grade). We study for spelling in various ways through the week. Perhaps the teacher doesn't realize how long it is taking and that it is consistently so much time?

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What takes so long is in addition to the 25 spelling words he has, they have 15 dictation sentences that they have to practice and know because three of them will be put on the test.  So not only does he need to know his spelling words, but it's almost a matter of memorizing those darn sentences because the teacher will only repeat them 2 times and if you leave out an a or the it's wrong.  


I am assuming the dictation sentences are made up of spelling words? One thing that has really made our spelling easier (and more successful) has been what we call "Post-It Note Spelling). I wrote a post about it, if you're interested--basically, While she is at school I write the letter of each word on a separate Post-It Note. When I have completed the list, I post them on her bedroom wall. (Note: The super sticky work best!)When it’s time to practice spelling, she is challenged to spell her spelling words using the Post-It Note letters.One by one she moves the letters to rows to spell the Spelling Words of the Week.Spaces can be left for letters that are still to be found.Some of the games we play with Post-It Notes Spelling during the week:1.) Create the words from the Spelling List2.) Create a sentence using the spelling words.3.) Make a crossword puzzle–see how many words can be connected4.) Speed challenge…how fast can the spelling list be compiled? Can the time be beat? My children love it and it makes studying so much less of a chore for us all.

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Only one of the spelling words is actually in the sentence.  My son is actually really good at spelling words, and usually only misses one or two on the first go.  Once he writes it out 5 times, he remembers it.  More so it's the dictation and making sure he remembers to start the sentences with capital letters, putting correct punctuation and there are some words in the sentences that he has never learned before - like absence that he has to know.  In addition, I work with him on making sure he does it neat because this years teacher is marking him off for messy writing.  


You're a good mom to work with him to ensure the quality of his work carries over into his testing and other areas. 

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I'm not looking forward to the years down the line. But, right now we have one or two sheets to complete by the weeks end. And, it is optional!

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Thanks @jonbon, I try to help each of them.  I almost feel at times I shuld homeschool since I spend so much time with them every day, but I know there would be definite struggles with them listening to me.  


When my kids were that age they always had to read for 20 minutes a night. After 2nd Grade they both had about 30 to 45 minutes a night!