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Different Learners

Staff Sergeant (Ret.)

Mom, Advisor
"Social Networking"

Mom, Actor
"Cloth Diapering"

Therapist, Author
Trauma-Proofing Kids

Educational Specialist
Founder Team Tutors

Marni Ayers

Mom, Writer
"Green Advocate"

Actor, Guide to
Sustainable Living

Preschool Teacher
Guide to Seattle

Sondra Santos Drahos

Mom, Parent Educator
"Effective Discipline"

Catherine Lacey Dodd

Mom, Photographer
"Special Needs Child"

Clinical Psychologist

Megan Macmanus

Mom, Tutor
"Whatever Works"

Legal Analyst Fox 11

Family Law Attorney
Divorce Specialty

Professional Organizer Family Organizing

Derreck Kayongo

CNN Top-10 Hero
Global Soap Project

Westside Pediatrics

Blogger, Author
Dad or Alive

Mom, Author
City Baby L.A.

Dana Entin, RN, MN, PNP

Nurse Practitioner
Parent Educator

Alternative Education

Child Safety Expert
Boo Boo Busters

Author of 1001 Things
Every Teen Should Know

Blogger, Author
Bottled Up

Mommy Calls

Mom, Rabbi
We Plan, God Laughs

Sara Schuelein Perets

Preschool Director
Sunshine Shack

Parenting Coach

Beyond the Label

Mom, Physical Therapist
"Mothering Triplets"

Mom, Co-Founder PAM
"Pregnancy Awareness"

Steven Kiralla

Dad, Environmentalist
"Green Gardening"

Child Development

Mom & Court Certified

Spanish Interpreter

Blogger, Author
Scary Mommy

Blogger, Author

Jennifer  Davidson, RN, BSC, IBCLC

Registered Nurse
Lactation Consultant

Mom, Comic

Heather Ellington

Language Instructor
Baby Sign Language

Adoption Coordinator
Independent Adoption

Psychologist, Emotionally
Healthy Twins

Special Education
Advisor & Advocate

Mom, Urban Planner
"Mixed Race Family"

Humanist & Child Advocate

Executive Director, Arcus Foundation

Abuse Prevention
No Trespassing

Founder & CEO,
Foster Care Counts

CEO Creative Visions
Angel Catcher

Senior Editor, TIME
The Sibling Effect

Author & Nutritionist

Dr. Del's Rapid Fatloss

Pediatric Diabetes,

Children’s Hospital LA

Julia Kantor, MFT

Family Therapist
Marriage After Kids

Leah Segedie

Mom, Blogger

Program Director
Foster & Adoption

Family Therapist
Teen Issues

President and Executive Director
Whole Kids Foundation

Psychologist, Bullying
Expert, Author

100 Acts of Love

Mom, Co-Founder PAM
"Pregnancy Awareness"

Journalist & Author
Secret Lives of Boys

Aimee Wheeler, PsyD

Therapist, Parenting
Discovery Center

Blogger, Author
Organized Simplicity

Cari Butler

Mom, Emergency Prep
"Best Safety Site"

Brentwood Pediatrics

Nicole Meadow, MPN, RD

Pediatric Dietitian 
Founder, NutritionWise

Chef, Author
Lunch Lessons

Counseling Director,
Independent Adoption

Dad, Photographer
"Child with Disabilities"

Week of Awakening

Mom, Writer
"Body Image Issues"


Lecturer, Standford
Doing School

Educational Therapist
Bridges Academy

Clinical Psychologist
Working Parents, Thriving

Mom, Educator
"Tests & Homework"

Educational Specialist
Education League, LA

Actress & Author
Baby Steps

Board Certified

Board Certified

Blogger, Author
Two Kisses for Maddie

Blogger, Author
The Expectant Father

Magnus Hellberg

Dad, Realtor
"Hold On For Dear Life!"

Polly Palumbo, PhD

Research Consultant

Director of NICCU
Children's Hospital LA

Mom, Autism Advocate
"Living with Autism"

Amy Luster, MA, MFT

Parenting After Loss

Lisa Pierson Weinberger

Hiring Caregivers

Mom, Consultant
"Baby's First Year"

Whole-Brain Child

Mom & Manager

Relationship Expert
The 30-Day Love Detox

Traci Cummings

Mom, Educator

The Honest Company
Healthy Child...World

Family Law Attorney
Divorce & Bullying

Dad, Lawyer

Father of Polly Klaas
President Klaas Kids

Tom  Williams, PhD

Personal Trainer
World Class Swimmer

Rob Kodama

Dir Marketing &
Admissions, Crespi

Preschool Director
Camelot Preschool

Psychologist & Author

Challenging Casanova

Lt. Joe Laramie

Former Police

Fellow of A.C.O.G.

Regional Director of
Common Sense Media

Anxiety & Divorce

Lindsay Heller, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
The Nanny Doctor

Family Therapist
Babygroup Leader

Mom, Talent Agent
"Child Actors"

Sandy Eiges, MA

Educational Consultant
LA School Scout

Lactation Consultant
La Leche League

Children's Hospital LA

Psychologist, Power…
Child’s Imagination

Board Certified

Simona Montanari, PhD

Professor, Cal
State University

Family Psychologist
Reflective Parenting

"Being Mr. Mom"

Nancy Spigelman

Wonder Years Baby

Maggie Baumann, MFT, CEDS

Family Therapist
Eating Disorders

Childhood Educator
Parent You Want To Be

Behavior Analysis
Swim Instructor