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Autism Spectrum

Child Neurologist
Director, Cedars-Sinai

Clinical Psychiatrist
Spark: Revolutionary

Pediatrician, Healing
& Preventing Autism

Parenting Coach

Child Psychologist

Dad, Architect
"Son with Asperger's"

Chinese Medicine
Secrets of Self-Healing

Speech Pathologist
Speech & Language

Dyslexia & ADD/ADHD

Clinical Psychologist
Dir. UCLA PEERS Clinic

Hyman Katz

Dad, Music Business
"Son With Autism"

Speech Pathologist
Teach2Talk, LLC

Mom, Educator
Autism Intervention

Mom, Television Exec.
Got Milf? Modern Moms

Debi Cox

Stay-At-Home Mom
"Son with Autism"

Child Psychologist
Diagnosing Autism

Mom, Autism Advocate
"Living with Autism"

DIR/Floor Time

Educational Specialist
Special Needs

Westside Pediatrics