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Raising Baby Green

Pediatrician, Your
Newborn: Head to Toe

Therapist, Author
Win the Whining War

Parenting…Inside Out

Psychiatrist, Delivered
From Distraction

No Cry Sleep Solution

Violence Expert
The Gift of Fear

Actor, Founder
Institute on Gender

Hold On To Your Kids

Sleeping With…Baby

Social Theorist
So Sexy So Soon

How To Deal

Clinical Psychiatrist
Spark: Revolutionary

Child Psychiatrist

Harvard Professor 

Author, Lecturer
A Return to Love

Psychologist, Peaceful
Parent, Happy Kids

Clinical Psychologist
Children of Paradise

Clinical Psychologist
Dir. UCLA PEERS Clinic

Teach Your Children Well

Brentwood School

High Performance Psychologist

Gurian Institute
The Wonder of Boys

UCLA Psychiatrist
Anxiety Specialist

FBI Special Agent
Child Predators

In Vitro Specialist
Dr. Marrs’ Fertility

Actor, Producer
Your Best Birth

Psychologist, Raising
Resilient Children

Permission to Parent

The Unhealthy Truth


Educator, Queen Bees
and Wannabes

Clinical Psychologist
Neuropsychology, UCLA

Clinical Psychologist
The Conscious Parent

Self-Injury Foundation
Bodily Harm

Therapist, Disarming
the Narcissist

Monica Gregory

Mom, Blogger
"Miscarriage & Stillbirth"

Sexual Health Educator
Birds, Bees, YOUR Kids

Jane  Rose

Mom, School Founder
"All About Teens"

How Girls Thrive

Parenting Expert

Mom, CEO, Red Tricycle
"Inside Red Tricycle"

Kimberly Wong

Postpartum Activist
Perinatal Mental Health

Dad, Attorney
"All About Teens"

Kaiser Permanente

Stress-Free Potty

Parent Educator
Empowered Parenting

Change Your Brain,
Change Your Body

Gina Gonzalez, DDS

Board of Directors, USC

Jonathan Nadlman, MFT

Human Development

Mom, Author
Nowhere But Up

Speech Pathologist
Teach2Talk, LLC

Fernando Pullum, MA

Educational Specialist
Music Magnet Program

Hyman Katz

Dad, Music Business
"Son With Autism"

TV Host
Home & Family

Author, Blogger
"Spanglish Baby"

Erin Kayem, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech Pathologist
Brain Enhancement Inst

Temperament Counselor,"Nurse Rona"

Preschool Teacher
Little Dolphins

Parent Educator
Lactation & Perinatal

Clinical Psychologist
Pregnant on Prozac

Family Law Attorney
Divorce Specialty

Derreck Kayongo

CNN Top-10 Hero
Global Soap Project

Westside Pediatrics

Mom, Author
City Baby L.A.

Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy

Counselor, Author
Ultimate College

Dana Entin, RN, MN, PNP

Nurse Practitioner
Parent Educator

George Monroy

Father of Caine
Caine's Arcade

Christine Neilson

Financial Advisor
Over 20 Years

Sleep Consultant
Baby Sleep Solutions

Child Neurologist
Director, Cedars-Sinai

Different Learners

Mom, Advisor
"Social Networking"

Mom, Actor
"Cloth Diapering"

Educational Specialist
Founder Team Tutors

Parenting Editor
Common Sense Media

Marni Ayers

Mom, Writer
"Green Advocate"

Preschool Teacher
Guide to Seattle

Sondra Santos Drahos

Mom, Parent Educator
"Effective Discipline"

American Red Cross

Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy

Catherine Lacey Dodd

Mom, Photographer
"Special Needs Child"

Megan Macmanus

Mom, Tutor
"Whatever Works"

Legal Analyst Fox 11

Health Educator for
Planned Parenthood

Blogger, Author
Minimalist Parenting

Dad, Blogger
"Mocha Dad"

Mom, Urban Planner
"Mixed Race Family"

Executive Director, Arcus Foundation

Abuse Prevention
No Trespassing

CEO Creative Visions
Angel Catcher

Living With Intent

Trauma Specialist
Waking the Tiger

Alternative Education

Author of 1001 Things
Every Teen Should Know

Blogger, Author
Bottled Up

Mom, Rabbi
We Plan, God Laughs

Driving Instructor
Crashproof Your Kids

Sara Schuelein Perets

Preschool Director
Sunshine Shack

Beyond the Label

Mom, Physical Therapist
"Mothering Triplets"

Steven Kiralla

Dad, Environmentalist
"Green Gardening"

Mom, Activist
Lead Safe America

Child Development

Mom & Court Certified

Spanish Interpreter

Blogger, Author

Jennifer  Davidson, RN, BSC, IBCLC

Registered Nurse
Lactation Consultant

Mom, Comic

Gift Distributor

"Raising a Gay Son"

Heather Ellington

Language Instructor
Baby Sign Language

Adoption Coordinator
Independent Adoption

Psychologist, Emotionally
Healthy Twins

Special Education
Advisor & Advocate

Drug Prevention
Not All Kids Do Drugs

Corky Harvey, MS, RN, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant
The Pump Station

Mom, Writer
"Body Image Issues"

Lecturer, Standford
Doing School

Educational Therapist
Bridges Academy