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Seven Tips to Simplify Parenting in Digital Age

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Anything is avoidable in this world except the digital technology. We cannot turn a blind eye to the digital era we live in. Kids do not go to the libraries to do the research anymore as they have their smartphones and tablets and online journals for that. This, coupled with the viral invasion of social media, have made parenting a lot more challenging. And although there are child monitoring apps available, any misuse of the personal devices often leads to negative developmental patterns in children. If you are upset over how to deal with your kids in this digital age, we have come up with some tips to simplify parenting for you.


Be an effective communicator

The best way to control and mitigate any negative effects of the digital misuse is effective communication. Many things happen online that kids are reluctant to share with their parents out of embarrassment or fear of punishment. Talk straight to your kids about the Do’s and Don’ts of their internet use and make your point as clear as possible.


Use a Child Monitoring app

Parents would agree that they feel their child will be left out if they don't have a smartphone. But when they see the harmful effects of smartphones on their children they are not ready to confront the kids. A child monitoring app such as Xnspy helps to create a balance between the two arguments. If you do not want to confront your kid, then you can simply use Xnspy app on their cell phone. Using one such child monitoring app can give access to their text messages and online chats from apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, location, calls, and many more.

Activating these feature on your child’s device would keep you updated on what they see online. Xnspy gives you information about the device’s browsing history and also their bookmarks which reveals to you almost everything they surf online.


Stay abreast of the contemporary technology

Many parents are unaware of the contemporary digital changes and the new devices and software available. But children are usually quick to adapt to the new technology. So parents must learn to grasp these new advancements in the digital world. Parents must make a concerted effort to educate themselves online. They must get familiar with the apps, games, and websites that their children frequently use.

Parents should have a knowledge about the content their kids are exposed to and how they can control it. One example of this is that Xnspy gives you access to the list of all the installed apps on your kid’s phone so you are aware of all the apps your child uses.


Set rules and red flags

Even if you have a monitoring app set up on your child’s phone, you must sit down with your kid and set the terms for browsing on the internet. Set the time limit they can use YouTube or the time they can use their phones. You can also make your dining room a mobile-free zone. This will encourage social interaction among the family members.

Setting the rules will give the children reasonable guidelines to comply regarding their device use. And if they do not comply, then you can remotely lock their device without even touching the device using Xnspy child monitoring app.


Befriend your children on Social Media

You must be aware of the digital risks associated with the social media. Your child may wake up in the middle of the night and find herself embroiled in a heated argument on the internet that may leave a lasting negative impression on her personality. Social media has invited many dangers like cyberstalking and cyberbullying.

You must befriend your children on these platforms and make sure they are not subjected to anyone’s ridicule. Xnspy can also give you an account of your child’s chat conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Line, Kik etc. After helping them online, you can encourage your kids to develop a strong online reputation as one small mistake might do them harm in the future.


Be a Role Model for your children

For many children, their parents are their first role-models. Kids mimic their parents in their attire and behavior. It is important for the parents to set an example in terms of using their digital devices and browsing the internet as well. It is necessary to avoid all the negative habits if you do not want your kids to do them.

Parents should realize this when they should not use their own smartphones to interact with their loved ones. It would be even better if you turn off your cell phone and spend your valuable free time with your family.


Explore positive things

Look at the other side of the mirror and you will see many positive things that internet has to offer. Invest your parenting energy into building a formidable relationship with your kids and putting communication and connection over fear and cyberstalking. Utilize and embrace every good thing that technology has to offer.


Pros of digital monitoring

Safety: There is enough evil out in the online world that preys upon kids and takes advantage of their tender age. Digital monitoring keeps all those evils at bay.

Tracking made easy: Monitoring lets you track the locations and even set up a guideline for monitoring specific locations.

A Virtual Watchdog: By using a child monitoring app such as Xnspy, you can see the messages coming in and out, you can listen what is being said, and you can even set watch lists for certain words.

Valuable insights: Periodic monitoring renders valuable insight. Parents can coach, teach and steer kids clear of potentially risky or emotionally-damaging situations


Cons of digital monitoring

Monitoring makes parents worried and exhausted because they're constantly aware of what their kids are up to and ready to intervene at a moment's notice. This sometimes leads to less independence for the children.

Boundary setting is a huge con to over-monitoring. Giving children privacy, especially as they age and mature, demands respect for personal boundaries.

Another major con of digital monitoring is the possibility of losing the respect and trust of your children.


Final Word:

We need to use apps like this judiciously. It doesn't mean we throw them out or we never use them, it just means use them rightfully. It is for safety, but it's not going to be a perfect world.

Parents should focus on developing these three traits in their children: confidence, empathy, and courage. And meeting somewhere in the middle is the way to help them along. We also need to use child monitoring apps judiciously. We must not use them any way we like. They are for the safety of your child in an imperfect world. At the same time, we must respect the kid’s right to personal privacy. In a world when digital life takes a center stage, parents need to strike the right balance between the safety and freedom.