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Turn towards your partner for more connection

Dr. John Gottman is a well know research psychologist and relationship expert who has conducted extensive research on what the happiest and healthiest couples do to create lasting, loving, meaningful, and committed relationships. In his book, "What Makes Love Last", Gottman teaches a concept known as turning towards each other. Taking on a general mindset of turning towards your partner or spouse can increase connection and reduce conflict. And the great thing is that is easy to do and can be fun to implement. To learn more, keep reading!


1. Examine the way you and your partner reach out to each other

Gottman suggests that on a daily basis, you and your partner will make numerous bids for support, attention, and connection. Some examples of bids could include your husband asking you to help him fill out paperwork, wanting to tell you how a phone call went with a client, or telling you a joke. Bids can be seemingly minor or unimportant. But need behind the bids (for support, connection, and attention) are very meaningful and highly important. For example, one woman explained that while experiencing some conflict with her boyfriend, he offered her some yogurt. Unfortunately, the woman did not notice at the time that yogurt offering was a bid to re-connect. The woman dismissed him and remained stuck in conflict. She sees now that if she had smiled, made loving eye contact, and kindly thanked him for the offering (even while declining the yogurt) this could have been a moment for the couple to re-connect and turn down the conflict.


2. Pay attention to bids

Here is the thing - bids can go unnoticed. Busy parents are consumed with careers, household duties, and children so it is common to overlook all of the small ways that their partners is reach out. If you do not notice most of your partners bids, then you can see how your partner may end up feeling unsupported, not heard, not seen, not valued, etc. So, start today by noticing all the ways, big and small, your husband makes a bid for your support, attention, and connection. Gottman found that the happiest couples are the ones that are highly attuned to each other and one way to be attuned is to notice bids.


3. Turn towards

Hopefully you are already beginning to see the many ways in which your husband or partner reaches out to you for connection. Some bids are subtle, others are obvious. The next time he makes a bid, all you have to do is respond with interest and care. This is what is known as turning towards him. You do not need to comply with a request, drop everything, or even get into a discussion. Rather, you show him that you are there. At the minimum you can stop what you are doing for a moment, connect with him, and let him know you heard him. This is true even via text or email. If you have time and availability you can offer continued support, connection, and conversation. Some great ways to turn towards him are by offering humor, laughter, physical touch, and affection.


3. Catch yourself when you have turned away

Maybe you are busy with the kids or caught up in your own problems of the day. Whatever the reason, there will be times that you don't notice a bid for connection. Or maybe you notice it, but you are unavailable for some reason. This will happen! Perhaps your partner reached out and you ignore him, withdraw, or say something to shut down communication. On the more extreme end, and more difficult to repair, turning away includes criticism and contempt (which is a topic for another blog post). Be encouraged to know that once you have noticed that you just turned away, all you have to do is turn towards him again. If for some reason you genuinely need space, then I recommend that you be lovingly direct and explain this to him. For example, tell him that you need some time to yourself but that you will be able to talk about the issue after dinner. Being clear and direct and expressing what you need and want is actually a wonderful way to turn towards him.


4. Have fun filling up your joint emotional back account

It can become fun and enjoyable to take on a mindset of noticing bids and turning towards your man. The reason for this is that you will quickly see how easy it is to create more joy and connection with this simple shift in how you respond. The truth is, it is easy to respond with interest and care to small bids. And in doing so, you will be filling up your "joint emotional bank account". So if he asks you what you ate for lunch, respond with warmth. If you have time, go ahead and ask him about his day too. Even if you super busy you can pause for a brief moment to connect with eye contact or touch. If you make a habit of consistently responding to the small bids with love then you will create a foundation of connection and support for your relationship to thrive on. Being there for each other in all the small ways will make it far more likely that you will be there for each other when something major and significant happens, and the need for genuine support is big. Enjoy!

I would love to hear how this works for you! If you try this out and get great results, I would like to hear about it in the comments box below!

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Cristina Trette is a Family and Wellness Coach and a graduate student working towards a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Cristina's philosophy is centered around utilizing the relationships and challenges with her three children as an avenue for personal growth and transformation. You can learn more at