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Sources estimate that 6/10 teen accidents were caused by distracted driving. Of those drivers, 80% "see themsevles as safer-than-average drivers who don't belive their distracted driving puts them at risk." Teaching your teen to be a attentive driver is vital to their safety. Learn more about the responsibilities of teen driving here:
zero waste organic parenting style, bea johnson, green living, reusable, recycle
More Top Expert Videos on Parenting Styles   It’s a new century, folks, and this one comes with three big R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Chances are that these three words aren’t unfamiliar to you and that you’ve tried to incorporate them into your daily life. To dub yourself a Zero Waste parent, however, you’re going to have to go a little further than remembering to separate the cap from the water bottle before tossing it in the blue bin.
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Recent studies have shown that women who deliver their first child at 37 or 38 weeks are two to three times more likely to experience preterm birth with a subsequent pregnancy. The increasing risk of preterm labor and further possible complications are propelling doctors to reasearch more on this topic.
gestational diabetes
If you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during your pregnancy, there are some key things that you need to know to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.
By the age of 19, about 80% of people have had sex for the first time.  By the time most parents feel that their kids are old enough to be in a committed relationship and engage in sexual activity, the time for a preparatory conversation may have already passed.
what is preeclampsia, preeclampsia, high blood pressure pregnancy
High blood pressure might be an occupational hazard of parenting, but who knew you could be at risk before your child is even born? High blood pressure during pregnancy is known as Preeclampsia, and it is no joke. Kids in the House is here to help pregnant mothers and their families learn the warning signs of preeclampsia so that you can get the help you need to have a happy, healthy pregnancy. What is Preeclampsia?
secrets of breastfeeding, breastfeeding, baby, newborn
The decision to breastfeed will be one of the first major choices you make in planning for the arrival of your new baby. For some new mothers, it can also be the hardest. With so much information out there, it’s not always easy to sort through which voice to listen to. As soon as that baby bump begins to show, everyone from doctors to friends, family, and the grocery store cashier will want to offer their opinions and anecdotes. But deciding to breastfeed is only the first part of the equation.
Because autism is a complex neurological disorder with a full range of variations, it can be a complicated process to diagnose where a child falls on the autism spectrum– if at all. Most doctors agree that a reliable autism diagnosis can be made in children as young as two years of age, but warning signs can be identified much earlier.
It’s early evening and your baby is inconsolable. You’ve checked her diaper, know she’s fed, and made her comfortable, but the tears keep coming. In fact, they haven’t stopped in close to three hours– for the second day in a row. Sound familiar? If so, your baby might be experiencing Colic. What is Colic? Colic isn’t a disease, but if your baby has the symptoms it can feel just as serious as one.
what is croup crying baby sick
Anytime your child becomes ill, it can be terrifying. Respiratory illnesses are especially worrisome and are known to pack some of the most alarming symptoms. If your child has ever been diagnosed with Croup, you know just how unsettling those symptoms can be. Learn the warning signs, treatment, and prevention of croup from top experts to help your baby stay healthy and content. What is Croup?


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