Celebrating your child's achievements

See David Palmiter, PhD, ABPP 's video on Celebrating your child's achievements...
Celebrating your child's achievements | Kids in the House
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Celebrating your child's achievements

I think when it comes to grades, there's 2 things to keep in mind: is my child a generally successful or do they need a plan of remediation? To think of a plan of remediation is a lot more complicated. It has to be proportionate to the problem and time to the severity of the problem. The bigger the problem, the more immediate the reward you're going to have and the more specific the reward. I think if the kids are doing generally fine, it's just a celebration. Hooray, we have enough stress as parents. My god, the marriage satisfaction rates go down when kids enter our lives and go back up when they leave. We got so much stress all the time and if the kid comes home with a good report card, Let's totally enjoy in whatever way we want that make sense to us. Once you've seen one family, you see one family and I think in terms of celebration - enjoy. They are no rules.

See David Palmiter, PhD, ABPP 's video on Celebrating your child's achievements...


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David Palmiter, PhD, ABPP

Psychologist & Author

Dr. David Palmiter is a professor of Psychology and Counseling at Marywood University, the President of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (2012-2013), a practicing and board-certified clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience, a Public Education Coordinator for the American Psychological Association, author of an award winning parenting book (times three), dad (of 3.0 children; 3.5 if you count the neurotic dog) and husband (of over 22 years to Dr. Lia Richards-Palmiter, who says she has 4.0 children as she counts David). Dr. Palmiter has over three dozen professional publications to his credit, has given over 200 continuing education workshops around the country and has completed over 300 public education projects, including for outlets such as the LA Times, US News and World Report, USA Today, Wall St. Journal and O Magazine. A central aspect of his professional mission is to put air under the wings of parents as they try to raise happy and self-actualized children. 

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