Ethnicity and family perspectives

Learn about: Ethnicity and family perspectives from Claudia Flores,...
Ethnicity and family perspectives | Kids in the House
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Ethnicity and family perspectives

In my experience, coming from a Latin upbringing, I value how families are set up. That we would not abandon the ship no matter the circumstances. And then I encounter the Anglo approach, which is if it works, I stay, if it doesn’t work, I leave. And I think a mixture of the both systems. And I’m so grateful that my children are growing up in a system that we’re bringing forward this unity, this some sort of loyalty but actually, enhanced and upgraded would be Anglo version of it, but we have to make it work. It’s not going to be for free, this is not a relationship that is just going to be because it is. We are going to earn it by everyday watering our plant, figuring out what is it that we connect and just really investing. “Hey, you’re my brother.” “Hey, you’re my son.” “You’re my sister.” It’s not because we just appear together on this earth that we’re going to just be who we are to each other. I want to care about you. I want to know who you are.

Learn about: Ethnicity and family perspectives from Claudia Flores,...


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Claudia Flores was Born and raised in Mexico City.  Claudia has three children. “Since a little girl my priority has been clear and steady: service. I have been fortunate to live a great life in all ways, where I enjoy exploring, observing, learning and, most especially, serving a number of causes and people around the world. I am committed to communicate the best of the resources available to me. It has been such a joy to share this passion and adventure with my children.” In 2012 she founded "The Angel Station Project": holding for creatives, innovators, transformational leaders, artists, humanitarians, activists and visionaries.

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