Best advice for new moms

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Best advice for new moms

Anna Getty: My advice to new mothers is planning. Find a way to create a plan for yourself. So whatever that looks like, coz I talked to so many moms who are like, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the time. You have to create the time; you have to find the time, to create your own personal time. So the way I’ve done it is by talking to my friends and finding out what works for them. So, you know, for some people, right before you go to bed, write things down, what you need to do the next morning. Sometimes, on the weekend, you have more time so take Sunday and do your meal plans. Do your pumping then. Store everything in the freezer on Sunday so that you have your week well planned. I constantly ask that question, how do you find balance? And most of the time, it’s at night. My children are asleep. The day is done, and I just find a way to improvise. Sometimes I do these different boards and I put them on the wall. And I will do that for a few weeks. Other times, it’s getting into my little iPhone, my computer and creating a plan. Sometimes it’s sitting down with my husband and seeing what works for us for the month. But it’s in ever changing, evolving, beast. You just have to be flexible. So be flexible, be patient and be kind with yourself. And know that you’re always doing your best.

Learn about: Best advice for new moms from Anna Getty,...


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Anna Getty

Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Anna Getty is the founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM). She is a mother of two, a former pre-natal yoga teacher, author and holistic lifestyle educator.

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